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What Are the Best Chimney Crown Repair Products?

What are the best chimney crown repair products and how do you find them? Chances are, most homeowners might not even notice the crown of their chimney. 

Unless homeowners get on their roofs to clean the gutters, put up Christmas lights, or perform an annual roof inspection (which isn’t likely), the health of their chimneys usually goes unnoticed—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

However, there are instances where it is pronounced that a chimney needs some TLC, and that is when homeowners start calling. What they usually see – a damaged chimney crown that needs some repair. When this happens, contractors have to decide on the best chimney crown repair product to use. Well, this article should help.

Chimney Crown Repair 101. 

The crown of a chimney acts like an umbrella or roof for the chimney structure and system. Not to be confused with a chimney cap, the chimney crown is the cement “Top” of a chimney. 

The role of the chimney crown is to prevent moisture from entering a chimney. A crown is comprised of cement or concrete, and when properly designed, installed, and maintained, it facilitates water run-off from the top of the chimney down the sides, thus preventing standing water and potential damage from freeze/thaw cycles.

However, there are times when the crown of a chimney needs repair.

Common repair causes include:

  • Cracks in the chimney crown
  • Missing pieces or chunks of concrete
  • Structural integrity is compromised

Some repairs can be simple, such as sealing a crack and resealing the entire crown. Others can be more extensive and require a multitude of things to correct the issue. In this case, choosing and using products that can get the job done and prevent any further issues is important!

[Check out these photos of damaged chimney crowns]

Chimney Crown Repair Products

CrownGuard is your chimney’s first line of defense (literally). 

When the crown of a chimney is in need of repair, CrownGuardHP is one of the top-performing products for both repair and preventative care. Fire Safe Inc’s CrownGuard product helps with all the common issues chimney crowns expierence pertaining to weather.

Highlights of CrownGuard HP:

  • Using a proprietary blend of compounds formulated for permanent adhesion to masonry surfaces, CrownGuard HP is designed specifically to adhere to a chimney crown.
  • The superior bonding properties of the CrownGuard HP product cause the materials to form permanent membranes over the entire surface of the crown, effectively sealing any and all fractures.
  • CrownGuard HP’s rubber-like properties provide a flexible, 100% waterproof seal. This is vital for the hot summer sun and the freeze/thaw cycles that occur in the winter!
More CrownGuard Specs: 
  • CrownGuard HP is the 1st choice of chimney professionals nationwide.
  • Permanent, waterproof membrane.
  • Maintains flexible properties – will not crack.
  • Applies in extreme temperatures (-40 F to +140 F).
  • Service temperature range (-40 F to +250 F).
  • Resists water immediately.
  • Superior ultraviolet resistance.
  • Economical & Simple to reseal
  • Crystal clear & Mildew resistant

Whether the crown of a chimney has cracks that need to be filled with bonding agents or the crown needs resurfacing, using CrownGuard HP to seal the crown will result in a long-lasting chimney crown!

“The best chimney crown repair product out there!”

Examples of CrownGuard Repair:

In the photos below, two chimney crowns have cracks (left) and structural damage (right):

chimney crown repair
Damaged Chimney Crowns

As you can see in the photos above, over time cracks and structural damage to chimney’s crown can lead to bigger issues. The photos below show the crown of a repaired chimney using CrownGuard HP, helping prevent any further damage. 

chimney crown repair product crownguard
After Chimney CrownGuard HP Product Applied!

A key element to always consider when choosing the best crown repair product is the ability to be flexible and withstand a multitude of weather. 

Are you a homeowner who wants to know how much a chimney crown repair costs?

There are numerous factors that play into the cost of repairing a chimney crown. An analogy we like to use is to think of a car repair. Some repairs are simple, such as fixing a crack or resealing the surface, while others can be complicated and laborsome. It is always best practice to make sure you use high-quality material and get a few quotes when looking into repairing your chimney’s crown!

Final Word on Chimney Crown Repairs & Products

The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” is certainly true when it comes to repairing the crown of a chimney with the right products. Similar to how gutters that are installed incorrectly don’t perform – the same can be said for your chimney crown!

An inexperienced contractor who just uses a standard mortar mix to fix a damaged chimney crown is simply putting a bandaid on the problem, and it is only a matter of time before the same issues occur again. Weather such as rain, snow, freeze, and thaw cycles make the crown of a chimney vital to the overall health of a masonry chimney. However, a small crack can lead to an even bigger issue because of the aforementioned weather. 

When moisture enters the chamber of a chimney on your roof, the issues go far beyond just a crown crack. In order to prevent any chimney issues, it’s best to check the crown’s health at least every other year and keep an eye out for cracks. Preventative measures are always the best bet – just like getting a check-up at the doctor to stay healthy, you want to do the same with your chimney. NECS and Fire Safe Industries are leader when it comes to chimney crown products and repairs.

Contactors: CrownGuard HP can be used as a preventative measure for chimney crowns and installed on brand-new or existing chimneys. For more information, use the tap the button below:

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