Learn about our chimney products!


ChamberGuard insulating material is designed to strengthen & restore the smoke chamber in a residential masonry chimney. Learn more here.


The concrete top lid of your chimney, or “Crown” is  your chimney’s first line of defense against water damage. See more here.

Centering & Insulation

The Centering & Insulation System gives your chimney maximum protection, conformity, and peace of mind. See how it works here.

Ceramic Resurfacing & Joint Repair System

FireGuard‘s temperature rating, 3,205 F, is the highest rating in the industry. Learn about the Fireguard ceramic mortar joint and resurfacing system here.

Guardian Chimney Liner

Guardian Chimney Liner® is the safest and most effective system for relining masonry chimneys. With over 45 years of testing, learn more about Guardian!

Guardian S.C.R.

Guardian Smoke Chamber Restoration (Guardian SCR) is a cast-in-place process that restores the critical smoke chamber area of a masonry chimney. See how!

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