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What do we do?

Firesafe Inc is the industry’s leading producer of high quality insulating and non-insulating ceramic materials and delivery systems for residential, commercial, and industrial chimney restorations.  We pride ourselves on offering the best possible products. 

With a network of professional chimney contractors across America, we are able to created custom chimney products for certified contractors to install. 

We always make sure to:

  • Provide a highly competent technical assistance with all of our products
  • Provide consulting for repair or restoration projects with unique challenges
  • Help to custom formulate materials and design application systems based on a project’s individual requirements.

Find a Contractor

We can help you find a certified contractor near you by simply using our “Find a Contractor” feature here.

Our products

Learn more about our ceramic chimney products and see what that best option for your chimney project is. Learn more here. 

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