Ceramic Smoke Chamber Repair

What is ChamberGuard?

Chamberguard is an insulation system critical in the restoration process of the smoke chamber in a residential chimney.

Using refractory pargeting material, ChamberGuard is a highly tested, high performance material designed to strengthen, streamline and restore the critical smoke chamber areas of a chimney.

How does ChamberGuard work?

ChamberGuard is a high-performance insulation and refractory pargeting material, critical in the restoration process of

What does ChamberGuard do?

ChamberGuard helps smooth jagged, corbelled walls typically found in the smoke chamber. Creating   a smooth transition between the smoke chamber and flue liner, ChamberGuard helps improve air flow.

By removing the jagged walls and creating a smooth transition into the flue, homeowners see improved draft and flow of the fireplace.

How ChamberGuard works:

  1. The unique insulating properties of the ChamberGuard material improves the safety of the chimney by reducing radiant heat transfer through the smoke chamber.
  2. Using a proprietary formula, ChamberGuard creates a chemical reaction that decreases hydration fractures found in other smoke chamber pargeting products.
  3. When properly installed by a Firesafe improved contractor, ChamberGuard complies with the I.R.C. building codes and N.F.P.A.-211 guidelines for a smoke chamber pargeting material in residential fireplace chimneys.

Ascending View – Before & After

Why choose ChamberGuard?

  • Twenty-five year limited guarantee.
  • The first choice of chimney professionals nationwide.
  • Improves the safety of chimney and home.
  • Increases structural integrity of the smoke chamber area.
  • Typically improves the draft or performance of the fireplace.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does ChamberGuard have a warranty?

Yes, ChamberGuard has a 25-year limited guarantee warranty when installed by one of our certified chimney renovation contractors.

Do I have to use a Firesafe Industries approved contractor?

Yes. Due to the specific customization process, all chimney products are only available to contractors.


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