Guardian Chimney Liner

The most advanced chimney liner in the world.

What is Guardian Chimney Liner?

The revolutionary Guardian Chimney Liner® is the safest and most effective system for relining masonry chimneys. Using the cast-in-place technique, the Guardian chimney liner is not just a chimney liner, but also a complete restoration process of the chimney structure.

What does the Guardian Chimney Liner do?

The proprietary formula of the Guardian Chimney Liner® material provides an insulating, refractory compound that is the only chimney liner approved for zero-clearance specifications with 3/4″ liner thickness.

This break-through approval is especially critical when the available flue area will only allow a 3/4″ liner.

Guardian Liner Installation Photos:

Here is how it works:

  1. When the area within the chimney is limited, the Guardian 3/4″ minimum liner thickness allows you to line the chimney.
  2. Our competitors cannot legally do so, since their minimum poured liner thickness is 1″ to 1 ½”.
  3. The Guardian 3/4″ standard ensures all installations will meet zero-clearance specifications.

About Guardian

The development of the Guardian Chimney Liner® is the culmination of 45 years of field experience by the Firesafe Corporation.

As a company, we have installed thousands of cast-in-place chimney liners, in combination with a team of ceramic engineers. The practical applications from thousands of installations united with scientific research and development led to the production of the Guardian Chimney Liner®.

The Guardian Chimney Liner® is tested and listed to UL 1777 by an accredited laboratory, Guardian Fire Testing Laboratory, Inc.

Why choose Guardian?

  • Maximum protection for your chimney.
  • Ideal for historical chimney restorations.
  • Easily installed through severe off-sets.
  • Maximum protection in the smoke chamber.
  • Increased performance of fireplace or appliance.
  • Suitable for all fuels.
  • Significantly increases structural integrity.
  • National recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Guardian have a warranty?

Yes, The Guardian Chimney Liner® is backed by a factory, limited lifetime guarantee – call for details.

Do I have to use a Firesafe Industries approved contractor?

Yes. Due to the specific customization process, all chimney products are only available to contractors.


“When one of our clients demands the very best we only recommend Guardian. Whether we’re relining a chimney in an average size home or mansion, this liner provides the best protection for them and ultimately us.”

Mason’s Chimney Service, Mickleton, NJ

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